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You can go your own way... with our advanced indoor navigation app and positioning technology

There's a Core Positioning package designed to help you build the indoor navigation solution that you've always dreamed of.

Choose our foundation package if you're looking for the bare necessities, or, save time, and let us do all the work with our fully-customizable All-in-one solution. It's your way or...your way.


Foundation Package

As simple as it gets. We give you consistent and reliable positioning and you take care of the rest.


Component Package

Use our base components and put them together any way you like to create a personalized positioning solution that works perfectly with your custom app. It's that easy.


Complete Package

Let us take care of everything. Our complete positioning solution integrates seamlessly into your app, and it's fully customizable too, so it looks and feels like your brand.

Mapsted Map Studio

The venue map... transformed into a smart navigation aid you'll want to follow

A clear, uncluttered map invites you to explore new possibilities. Map Studio transforms your maps into professional, customizable navigation tools that your visitors will love.

Map Studio comes in a Basic and Enhanced version and is included in select core packages.

Use Map Studio to:

  • Transform your cluttered maps into clean versions
  • Customize your maps e.g. text font, text size, colour
  • Create and edit POIs such as stores, washrooms, and exits
  • Customize category lists
  • Edit property information (hours of operation and more)
  • Customize naming conventions

Need a little more?

Find out how the world's technology leaders, enterprises, and startups used Mapsted's SDK solution to navigate over 4,000 exhibits at the biggest trade show in Mena and South Asia.



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