Location Sharing

Our Mapsted Maps framework offers several location-sharing options to help users interact with family, friends or colleagues.
With location sharing, users can:

  • Share their real-time location with others on their contact list
  • Create a pin and share it to meet up with friends at a specific location
  • Tag their car by creating a pin and using it to navigate back to its location
  • Set a duration for how long location sharing will be available

Location Tags

Using location tags users can easily create a pin for
a specific location and share that location with their
friends for easy coordination. Users also have the ability
to send messages along with their location. For example,
visitors can:

  • Tag the food court on level 3 of a shopping centre, and
    share that location pin with several friends, along with a
    message that reads, "Meet me at 1 p.m. for lunch."
  • Visit different places in a large venue, while still being aware
    of each other's location, by displaying each other’s locations
    on their maps.

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