Visitors are usually pressed for time when attending a trade show or exhibition.

Without a way to easily find the best route from booth to talk, they often miss products and presentations they may have travelled a long way to see.

Out of town attendees may also not be familiar with near-by restaurants or hotels.

How to use hyperlocal, intelligent marketing technology to drive more visitors to your exhibition booth

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Use our next-generation indoor location-based technology to create a personalized trade show experience for your attendees, increase the visibility of your exhibitor booths, and increase related product sales.


Enhance the overall attendee experience. Our indoor location-based technology lets you:

  • Guide attendees to exhibitor booths and live product demonstrations
  • Send visitors offers and coupons for partner restaurants and attractions in the area -great for out-of-town attendees
  • Provide interactive maps of your exhibition layout to make it easy for attendees to plan their day at the show


Send location-based pop-ups to attendees to keep them informed of events taking place during the show. Our hyperlocal, intelligent marketing platform makes it easy to:

  • Send welcome messages and direct visitors to specific areas when they enter the show
  • Guide attendees to specific exhibitors so they don't miss a live demonstration
  • Send time-sensitive discounts for products or services available at your exhibition


Connect attendees with their business associates and other visitors in real-time. Our advanced location-based marketing technology:

  • Helps attendees build a professional network based on their interests and real-time location
  • Connects exhibitors with their targeted audiences, so they can increase sales and generate more interest in their products


Real-time location-based analytics help vendors understand the value of exhibiting at your show. Our advanced real-time analytics platform allows you to:

  • Provide your exhibitors with insightful information about their visitors during the show so they can adjust their marketing strategies
  • See what areas draw the most and least amount of traffic so you can quickly move events or displays to optimize flow
  • Determine which products and exhibits are most popular with your attendees

Trade Shows & Exhibitions Presentation

Organizing a trade show is time-consuming and expensive.

Mapsted’s next-generation indoor location-based services allow you to create an easy-to-navigate, personalized visitor experience, help attendees find the booths and presentations they can't afford to miss, and easily connect with colleagues.

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