Once students arrive on campus, they quickly become overwhelmed with lectures, homework and exams.

The last thing they need is the frustration and anxiety of finding classes in a large, multi-building complex that's hard to navigate.

Info desks or push notification systems aren't convenient, and can't provide turn-by-turn directions or information when it's most needed.

A+ indoor navigation solutions for your campus

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Use our next-generation indoor location-based technology to create a 'smart' campus that will help you increase enrollment, update students and visitors with information they'll want to know, exactly when they need it, and help keep them safe.


Attract more students and visitors to your college or university. Our indoor location-based technology lets you:

  • Send welcome messages to new students and parents as they arrive on campus during the Fall semester
  • Help students and visitors easily navigate complex, multi-story buildings so they can find classes and activities without additional stress
  • Send relevant, hyperlocal security notifications and updates to keep students safe


Create an effortless navigation experience for students and visitors on your campus. Our multi-building technology:

  • Helps new students find dorms, orientation sessions and social events
  • Allows students to find the best or quickest routes between classes and activities
  • Find exams or classes that have been relocated


Boost awareness with location-based pop-ups. Our advanced marketing platform makes it easy to:

  • Notify visitors of campus events based on their location
  • Provide updates on class or exam changes or cancellations
  • Send offers on branded school merchandise during game weekends


Understand real-time traffic flow on campus. Our advanced analytics platform makes it possible to:

  • Manage emergencies more efficiently on campus
  • Allocate staff based on real-time crowd density of each location
  • Provide effective security to students and visitors day-to-day and during on campus games and events

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Academic requirements already put a lot of stress on your students. Our advanced indoor navigation platform can't help them with their homework, but it can get them to class on time.

Mapsted’s next-generation indoor location-based services enable you to attract more students to your school, boost awareness of activities happening around campus, and help you understand where your students spend the most time.

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Reach out and we’ll help your school pass indoor navigation with flying colours.Get Started Today!

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