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Why Mapsted?

Elevate Customer Experience

  • - Seamless Navigation: Offer user-friendly, interactive maps across platforms for an effortless wayfinding experience.
  • - Real-Time Guidance: Provide dynamic blue-dot navigation, making it easy for visitors to find their destination.
  • - Accessible Assistance: Ensure inclusivity with voice-guided navigation and alerts, creating a welcoming environment for all.

Create A Smart Working Environment

Reduce stress for visitors, and help your teams deliver a safe and efficient experience for all.

1. Interactive maps for Mobile, Web, and Kiosk.
2. Turn-by-turn Blue Dot navigation.
3. Advanced accessibility routing with voice navigation and environmental alerts.

From the parking lot to their destination within the property, ensure visitors can quickly find their way by enabling your facility with powerful navigation tools that take the stress and frustration out of their visit.

Geofencing capabilities allow targeted messaging in specific areas. Appointment holders can be sent a welcome message the moment they arrive in the parking area and blue-dot navigation will guide them to the reception area to check in.

Customers and visitors are presented with a dynamic map that highlights only their point of interest (PoI). They can easily visualize the route, minimizing distractions and improving navigation efficiency.

Beacon-Free Patented Technology

Mapsted's 100+ patents demonstrate our trailblazing indoor positioning leadership, committed to technology innovation with unmatched accuracy, reliability and versatility.

No Bluetooth beacons, external Wi-Fi or additional external hardware required, which reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Mapsted's hardware-free technology eliminates the need for periodic battery replacements, distinguishing it from BLW/UWB deployments. This saves time and effort for facilities managers while ensuring uninterrupted navigation functionality.

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