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It's a long trip between check-in and gate.

Even seasoned travellers can find it stressful and time-consuming getting to their flight in large airports. Especially ones with more than one terminal.

It's also difficult for airlines to send real-time flight updates to passengers, and info desks can't reach everyone.

Use the mobile experience to take your airline to new heights with advanced indoor location-based technology

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Use our next-generation indoor location-based technology to give your passengers a superior travel experience, keep travellers updated on last-minute flight changes, and maximize sales on board, and in airport stores and restaurants.


Enhance the overall travel experience in the airport and on board. Our indoor navigation technology makes it easy for your passengers to:

  • Find the best route from security to their gate, so they don't miss their flight
  • Quickly get to check-in, baggage claim or their nearest duty free store
  • Send timely feedback based on their travel experience to improve future trips
  • Get personalized updates about gate changes, flight delays or one-day passes to your exclusive lounge


Maximize sales in the airport and on board. Our hyperlocal, intelligent marketing technology lets you:

  • Upsell one-day passes to your exclusive lounge to passengers waiting in the area
  • Send offers on duty free products directly to passenger smartphones, in the airport and from the comfort of the cabin
  • Send passengers a discount to the restaurant closest to their gate, if they're in for a long wait before their flight


Understand exactly what your passengers need. Use our advanced data-driven solutions to:

  • Find out exactly where passengers are on their journey through the airport to send them timely, relevant notifications
  • Manage traffic flow in the airport to help avoid bottlenecks
  • Direct travellers to stores and services that get less attention in your airport
  • Discover whether passengers prefer to shop duty free in-store or from the comfort of their seats to optimize inventory

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Navigating around a large airport can be stressful, especially for passengers who don't travel often.

Mapsted’s next-generation indoor location-based services enable you to help passengers easily navigate through your airport, increase duty free sales in-store and on board, and notify them of upcoming travel packages and deals.

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