It can be hard for customers to find what they're looking for in a large store with multiple departments and aisles, leading to a negative experience.

In-store flyers and random promotional emails for offers shoppers aren't interested in, just adds to the frustration.

Find out what your customers really want with next-generation indoor location-based services

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Use our next-generation indoor location-based technology to enhance your customer experience, create a strategy that will increase sales, and optimize traffic flow in your store.


Enhance overall customer experience in your store. Our indoor location-based technology makes it easy to:

  • Help shoppers find the products they're looking for
  • Quickly navigate between different departments and aisles in a large space
  • Provide ETAs and alternate routes to various services and departments
  • Assign staff to the areas where customers need help most often
  • Interact directly with your customers to get timely feedback on their experience


Know exactly what your customers are looking for. Use our advanced data-driven solutions to:

  • Place merchandise in the best locations for shoppers to easily purchase
  • Adjust products that aren't selling well
  • Upsell products based on data-driven customer behaviour
  • Send intelligent, hyperlocal offers and promotions in real-time


Accelerate, increase, and improve operational efficiency. Use our analytics technology to:

  • Combine location and purchasing data with your loyalty program
  • Drive traffic flow to relevant areas of interest in your store
  • Bring attention to areas of your store that don't typically get much attention

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Optimizing a complex layout in a large store is difficult.

Mapsted's next-generation indoor location-based services enable you to provide effortless navigation throughout all your departments, send customers personalized messages to enhance their experience in your store, and receive timely feedback to take your service to the next level.

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