Dynamic Mapping – Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dynamic Map

Dynamic Mapping – Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dynamic Map
October 13, 2021

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Mapping has become one of the most essential requirements for many important services around the world. For any large organization with a huge area to manage, a dynamic map is one of the basic requirements. Over the years, mapping has developed digitally and is now able to provide a lot of other features to make management easier and enhance customer experience. These features help in a variety of ways from wayfinding services to marketing purposes. Mapping has changed the way services are today, it has helped in establishing smart services to make tasks efficient and stress-free for the customers. 

According to, “The global digital map market size is projected to grow from USD 13.9 billion in 2019 to USD 29.4 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 16.2% from 2019 to 2024. A significant growth driver for the market is the growing adoption of mobile computing devices for navigation, wide adoption of 3D platforms, and advanced technologies for surveying and digital map-making.”
Various industries use digital maps for various tasks and it is important to understand how digital maps work before going ahead with the decision to get one made. Combining various mapping technologies can help you create one dynamic mapping platform from which you can manage tasks. This will make the entire process much easier to use and operate. 

What is a Dynamic Map Platform?

A dynamic map platform provides various mapping technologies in one platform. This technology is data-driven and provides detailed information to the user. All features that are related to digital maps are handled on one platform. The dynamic mapping platform is wholly built on the creation of a digital map, which is made through map creator software. 

A  dynamic map platform will give your business multiple benefits. Here are some ways how a dynamic mapping platform can help your business make its services better and enhance customer experience.

1. Reduce expenditure

Hybrid working is the new way to make tasks faster and much more efficient. With the help of a dynamic mapping platform, you can easily manage a hybrid working system. This setup will enable your employees to book various desks and spaces in the workplace according to their requirement. This will help you bring down the cost of maintenance of space and resources. Indoor mapping can be accessed by your employees through their smartphones. The map will show the availability of spaces and desks that they can book. This makes the process quick, easy and hassle free. This also increases the productivity in the office space, as employees spend less time finding vacant spaces.


2. Time management

It is easy for anyone to get lost in large indoor spaces and all large scale companies have work spaces with complex infrastructures. It can be very difficult for the employees to find their way around the building. With the help of a digital map, employees can easily use navigation to get to their destination. The map also shows detailed information about the various departments inside the buildinging, resources that are available such as toilets, elevators, canteens etc. This will save a lot of time for the employees to carry out tasks. For customers and visitors, this will eliminate stressful situations of getting lost. They can easily get to the room they have to go to with the help of navigation on the mobile app. 

3. Data and map visualization

The dynamic mapping platform can easily be integrated with a third party application. This makes it easier for the companies to combine their existing data collecting application to their mapping system. A lot of other features can be activated in doing so. For example, an application for booking a room in a hotel can be combined with their mapping application, this makes it easier for the customers to know what is available to them in much more detail. A company can integrate a lot of applications for booking desks, calendars, reminders, feedback apps, etc. This saves a lot of time and enables users to quickly decide what exactly they want and take action. This makes it easier for the management to keep in check with all the resources in the building.

4. Enhance employee satisfaction and increase productivity

It can be very stressful for the employees when work gets delayed due to reasons such as finding the right room or the person in a building. With the help of indoor mapping, your employees can easily track each other in the building, book available rooms quickly and share locations. This will save a lot of time that gets wasted running around the building looking for an available space or a machine. Your employees can easily plan their day in advance and concentrate in completing the task.

5. Manage use of resources

You employees will be able access the resources near to them through the map. The map shows detailed information about the available and functioning resources like toilets, elevators, escalators etc. They can avoid large gatherings and cues and take other routes that are available in the building. This will help in distributing the crowd across entrances and exits in the building. This can be very beneficial in crowded places like malls, airports and amusement parks. You will be able to make use of all the resources available in your building without wasting energy.


There are various ways in which a dynamic mapping platform can help your business make its services and customer experiences better. Depending on the type of business and the requirement you have, you can easily utilise mapping systems to create smart services and advance management. The indoor mapping market is growing day by day and there are a lot of companies that can offer you various indoor mapping solutions. A lot of them have technologies that rely on hardware appliances. Mapsted’s indoor mapping technology is totally hardware free and easy to implement. Our indoor location based solutions are one of the leading technologies in the world. We offer various services such as indoor positioning, mapping and location based marketing.

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