Characteristics of an ideal university with an IPS

Characteristics of an ideal university with an IPS
December 03, 2021


Technology Trends

The education industry has come a long way from what it used to be years back. As technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, Its advanced developments are very much visible in the education system today. Especially when it comes to Universities and colleges, the best ones around the world have set their education quality on very high levels with the use of technology. There are various universities that have adopted smart campuses for better experiences for students and visitors. An indoor positioning system can help in creating a smart campus experience. Just like the Global Positioning system helps in activating navigation and wayfinding. An indoor positioning does the same job for indoor places. A university with a large campus would need indoor location services to make student experience comfortable inside the campus. Today, there are various universities around the world that are thriving not only because of their education but also their facilities that enhance student experiences. All around the world location based services are being adopted for the same reason and in colleges and campuses, it has become the newest trend. A step towards digital transformation into the future. One of the main systems that has Impacted these educational institutions are Indoor Positioning Systems. Before looking into how they add to the qualities of a good university, let’s understand what an Indoor Positioning System is all about.

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What is an Indoor Positioning System?

In simple terms, an Indoor Positioning System works like Global Positioning System but for large indoor spaces. An IPS enables us to locate any object or person in a large indoor space. This system does not provide useful information about the location which can be utilised to activate many other indoor location based features that can help in improving management and customer experience for any service/organisation. There are various types of Indoor Positioning Systems and each of them can be used according to the needs of the organisation. Most of them require hardware installations which can be hard to implement and maintain. However, today we have hardware free indoor positioning systems as well that do not depend on any external hardware installations like Beacons or Wi-Fi. As more research and innovation grows in this field, we can definitely say that this is the future. Due to COVID-19, the value and demand for indoor positioning systems has increased to get services back in the market through a digital outlet. This system has helped many services maintain the protool of COVID-19 safety and run its services in a safe manner. In the coming years, the Indoor location services market would be huge and IPS would definitely be implemented by all services across various sectors around the world.

According to a report by “The global Indoor location market size to grow from USD 7.0 billion in 2021 to USD 19.7 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.9% during the forecast period.”

Now, let’s take a look at how Location based solutions can help colleges and universities grow in the market:

Indoor location services enable various indoor location based features that can be easily accessed by students, visitors and staff through their smartphones. All they have to do is download the app and all the facilities would be available to them.

1. Wayfinding and Navigation

In a large campus space, there are various buildings and departments. It can get very confusing for new students, faculty and visitors to find their way through the campus. This can cause stress and delay in important tasks causing a hindrance in productive activity. With the help of Indoor Positioning Systems, this problem can be solved. The user can easily download the IPS app and type in where they want to go inside the campus. The app will then provide them with a proper navigation guide to the specific building. This can help in reducing a lot of delay in important activities like classes and events. Wayfinding also helps people avoid depending on people around them for information, instead of asking someone the way, they can simply use the app for navigation.

2. Tracking

Tracking can be an important feature for universities. Especially for departments that use important machines. Not just for people, the tracking feature can be used for tracking assets as well. Especially for the medical and engineering department, machines could be tracked. The users can check the availability and status of the machines in the building. This helps in avoiding confusion while booking and renting machines in the campus. The tracking can also be used for location sharing purposes. Students can track their peers and know exactly where they are. The faculty can also share their location with the students to guide them to a certain area.

3. Notifications and Alerts

Students, staff and visitors can be alerted about various events and developments in the campus with the help of the notification feature. This helps the users stay up to date about what’s happening around the campus. Earlier, this was done through a notice board system, where the management would put up various posters in different locations. Today, with the help of IPS, the students can easily receive a notification about events.

4. Easy feedback

With an Indoor Positioning app it is easy for the management to collect feedback from the students. It is also easier for the students to send feedback and complaints about various concerns like malfunction of resources. This gives every student and faculty easy access to the feedback centre and their concerns can be received by the management in a much simpler and organised manner so they can act upon it immediately. In cases of emergence, the user of the app can quickly report the problem and call for assistance.

There are various companies that provide indoor positioning systems around the world. For every service there is a different need and a specific type of indoor positioning system that is available. These systems play an important role in the qualities of a good university. For universities, a hardware free indoor system is highly convenient in the terms of implementation and maintenance. Mapsted as one of the world’s leading hardware free indoor positioning system that is utilised by organisations across various sectors.

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