Where AI Meets Indoor Mapping: Discover the Next Frontier of Navigation

July 09, 2024

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Get lost in the right direction.” This old and well-known saying takes on a whole new meaning as artificial intelligence (AI) reshapes the foundation of indoor mapping. We’re not just talking about digital floor plans; we’re talking about dynamic, use of intelligent artificial intelligence mapping technology, personalized notifications that are shaping our experience of how we explore complex indoor spaces.

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, navigating indoor spaces like airports, corporate offices, shopping centers, hospitals and campuses can be daunting.

According to a study, the indoor location market is projected to reach $43.20 billion by 2030. This growth is driven by the rising number of demand for smooth, intuitive wayfinding solutions – a demand that AI is perfectly possible to meet.

AI: The Secret Behind Smarter Maps

AI algorithms are behind this revolution, using machine learning and sensor data to create maps that are accurate, adaptable and user-centric too. Here’s how use of artificial intelligence in mapping is talking indoor mapping to the next level:

  • Pinpoint Precision

AI-powered indoor mapping technology algorithms analyze data from various sensors, including proprietary algorithms, to determine a user’s location with sub-meter accuracy. This level of precision is important for the large, multi-level spaces.

  • Dynamic, Real-Time Updates

Unlike static paper maps, AI-powered indoor mapping technology maps can adapt spontaneously. If a facility relocates, an empty room or construction zone appears and even foot traffic changes, the map reflects the new updates.

  • Personalized Journeys

Artificial Intelligence mapping technology learns user preferences and behaviour to make navigation routes. This could mean suggesting the fastest route to a class in the campus or gate at an airport, the less crowded path through a hospital or a personalized shopping itinerary based on past purchases.

  • Accessibility for All

Artificial intelligence mapping is making indoor navigation more comprehensive. Voice-guided directions, obstacle detection and even augmented reality overlays can assist individuals with visual impairments or mobility challenges.

  • Engaging Experiences

AI-powered indoor mapping technology in maps often incorporates 3D visualization, augmented reality (AR) and gamification elements to make wayfinding more intuitive and even fun. 

As per a McKinsey & Company study, in 2023, 55 percent of organizations have adopted AI technologies.

Industry Transformations: Where AI Maps are Making Changes

The impact of AI-powered indoor mapping is already experienced across various industries and how it is maximizing businesses profits and revenue:

  • Retail: Visitors can easily locate stores. They even get notified about the promotions and receive personalized recommendations based on their interests. Moreover, owners can gain insights into foot traffic patterns and occupancy to make data-driven decisions about their store layout, product placement and overall right space utilization to maximize revenue generation.
  • Airports & Transportation Hubs: Travellers can now easily navigate complex terminals, Slocate amenities and also receive real-time updates on gate changes or delays.
  • Healthcare: Not only patients and visitors but staff can find their way to specific rooms, departments, or clinics with ease, reducing stress and improving everyone’s overall experience. 
  • Corporate Offices: Employees can quickly find meeting rooms, colleagues desks and resources effortlessly, boosting overall productivity and collaboration. Companies are amping up their security and safety by integrating their systems with emergency response systems and implementing real-time location tracking for staff and visitors to ensure a safe environment.

The Mapsted Advantage: Elevating Indoor Experiences

Mapsted, is leading the charge in indoor mapping solutions. It is equipped with the power of AI to create exceptional indoor experiences. It offers seamless wayfinding, location-based analytics and proximity marketing capabilities, empowering businesses with the right tools to optimize their operations, improve customer engagement and drive revenue​​​​​​.

Mapsted offers an inclusive set of solutions including hardware-free indoor positioning technology, interactive maps and real-time heat mapping. Their patented technology eliminates the need for beacons or external Wi-Fi, making implementation cost-effective and maintenance-free​​​​.

The Road Ahead: A Future of Seamless Navigation

The future of artificial intelligence in indoor mapping technology is filled with exciting possibilities. As machine learning algorithms become more sophisticated, we can anticipate features like:

  • Predictive Routing: Maps that anticipate congestion and suggest alternative routes.
  • Integration with Smart Building Systems: Seamlessly adjusting lighting, temperature, and other environmental factors based on user location and preferences.
  • Personalized Experiences: Tailoring maps and recommendations not just to individual users but to their specific needs at any given moment.


AI is not just redefining indoor mapping; it’s transforming how we interact with the world around us. By making indoor spaces more navigable, accessible, safe and engaging, you can’t overlook the benefits of AI in maps. They are creating smarter venues that cater to the needs of everyone who not only enters them but works there too. In this digital transformation era, businesses that are embracing the AI-powered indoor mapping solutions like those offered by Mapsted are well-positioned to lead the way, creating unforgettable experiences for their customers and employees​​​​ and seeing growth like never before.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create smarter, efficient and venue driven spaces. To know more about Mapsted’s location-based solutions, check out our informative blog post on Asset Tracking: How It Works & Its Benefits and Mapsted Tags vs Bluetooth Asset Tracking Tags: Unveiling the Ideal Solution for Asset ManagementContact Mapsted to create a safe future for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does AI make indoor maps so accurate?

Ans. AI algorithms combine data from various sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers, along with their proprietary data fusion technology. This allows pinpoint location accuracy without the need for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or external beacons​​​​.

Q2. Are AI-powered indoor maps accessible to people with disabilities?

Ans. Yes, they are! This technology has features like voice guidance, obstacle detection, and customizable accessibility routing. The interactive maps are designed to provide effortless navigation for individuals with visual impairments or mobility challenges, ensuring inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards​​​​.

Q3. What industries are currently using AI-powered indoor maps?

Ans. Mapsted’s AI-powered indoor maps are used across different industries, including healthcare, retail, airports, corporate offices, college campuses, museums, and stadiums. These sectors use Mapsted’s solutions for improved navigation, better customer engagement, and seamless operational efficiency​​​​​​.

Q4. How can businesses benefit from AI-powered indoor mapping?

Ans. Businesses can boost their customer experiences by using artificial intelligence in navigation which provides accurate, real-time navigation solutions. Mapsted’s technology also provides location-based analytics and proximity marketing, which help improve operational efficiency, customer engagement, and drive revenue. Moreover, the hardware-free nature of their solution reduces installation hassle and maintenance costs​​​​​​.

Q5. What are the future possibilities for AI in indoor mapping?

Ans. The future possibilities for AI in indoor mapping are vast. Potential developments include predictive routing to avoid congestion, integration with smart building systems for adjusting environmental factors based on user preferences, and hyper-personalized experiences tailored to individual needs in real-time. Mapsted is at the forefront of these innovations, continuously advancing their technology to meet future demands​​​​.

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