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Transform your stadium into a view-click-conversion powerhouse with Mapsted’s hardware-free location technology

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"Through the use of navigation technology that requires no Bluetooth beacons, no external Wi-Fi and no external hardware, we are able to provide step by step route guidance for specific client groups, such as Media or Broadcasters, to move easily around the stadiums and reach key areas of operations."

Helmut Spahn, Director Safety, Security & Access FIFA World Cup Division

Power Your Stadium

Mapsted’s location-based technology gives you elite control of your stadium space and provides deep insights into how people move within it

Turn Fans Into Consumers

Monetize game-day excitement with time- and location-based flash offers with instant navigation instructions to vendor or concession location.

Increase Total Event Spend

Special promotions delivered via proximity- based notifications encourage on-the-spot purchases spectators would otherwise not know about. Real-time reminder alerts drive revenue increases.

Optimize Your Stadium

Use powerful real-time data insights like dwell time, heat maps, and engagement analytics to understand what attracts your spectators, increase attendance, and grow fan loyalty.

What Sets Mapsted Apart?

Mapsted is an innovative location based technology company in Canada. We are trusted by clients from around the world and serve various industries such as shopping malls, universities, hospitals, railways, resorts etc.

Our intelligent indoor location based solutions do not rely on external hardware to work within your facility, meaning that you can deploy our technology through any smartphone without additional costs.

Our team of PhDs, engineers, and scientists are extremely invested in the research process, continually innovating and taking everything we learn from each industry we serve and applying it to the next.

We work collaboratively with our clients, valuing diversity, knowledge, experiences, and cultures which allows us to exceed the requirements of our vast client base by committing to the individual needs of each of our customers.

Elevate the Stadium Experience With Advanced Location-Based Technology

Time to Level-Up Your Stadium’s Potential

Tap into the game-changing potential of engaging stadium fans directly on their smartphones during games or performances. Inform and delight them, while gathering powerful analytics to help you make smart, data-driven decisions.

Advanced Indoor Navigation

Interactive maps and world-class blue-dot navigation take fans from parking lot to seats with 1-5 metre accuracy. In-app location-sharing feature, built-in accessibility options and multi-language capability means everyone feels included and connected.

  • Horizontal and vertical positioning achieving multi-building support
  • Seamless transitions between floors, on elevators and escalators
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing apps.
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Contextual Messaging

Bring your vendors and visitors together when and where they’ll benefit from it most. Connect with your visitors and help them get the most out of their stadium visit by sending timely, relevant messages and offers.

  • Send targeted welcome messages to fans
  • Offer contextual promotions and discounts on concession items
  • Send real-time updates on vendor lines and wait times
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Real-Time Traffic Flow Analysis

Use detailed, real-time insights to optimize traffic flow, improve stadium safety and adjust marketing strategies to attract more visitors and increase sales.

  • Comprehensive location- and behaviour-based visitor information
  • Heat maps for in-depth traffic density and flow information
  • Detailed insights into most and least popular concessions and amenities
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Stadium Management Made Simple

Empower your facilities staff to manage a large stadium with ease, optimizing staff and resources, while maximizing efficiencies.

  • Location-based tagging for maintenance issues
  • Real-time rerouting and push notifications to keep crowds informed
  • Emergency route planning

Transform Your Stadium Today

Let us show you how Mapsted’s world-class location-based technology can turn your stadium into an efficient, data-driven, revenue generating powerhouse of entertainment.

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A Variety Of Solutions To Fit Your Journey

Mapsted Maps & Indoor Navigation

Mapsted’s indoor maps provide seamless outdoor-indoor navigation and localization with turn-by-turn blue dot navigation without the use of beacons or other external hardware.

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Manage CMS

Edit and manage your map and properties with Manage CMS. A software dedicated to helping you manage and exceed your business goals.

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Mapsted Marketing Platform

Create and send contextual messaging, events, sales, and notifications. Plan for future campaigns to increase revenue while keeping costs low.

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Mapsted Analytics Platform

Visualize real-time location data through foot fall heat maps, user trajectories, visit time, number of visitors, and more. Back your decision making with compelling visual stories that best represent your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Location-based technology can provide fans with personalized, real-time information, offers and services, such as finding the nearest restroom, concession stand, or parking lot. It can also enhance security measures, optimize crowd management, and offer interactive experiences.

Mapsted's technology does not require any hardware installation onsite, as it uses a combination of sensor fusion and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate positioning without the need for beacons or external Wi-Fi.

Location-based technology can help increase revenues by providing opportunities for targeted advertising, personalized promotions, and in-app purchases. It can also optimize the space usage utilization, improve the efficiency of operations, and reduce costs by minimizing waste and improving maintenance.

Mapsted can be integrated with your existing app to enhance its capabilities, offering accurate positioning and navigation, real-time updates, and personalized experiences. This can improve user engagement, increase loyalty, and provide valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.

Mapsted technology can offer players, performers, and their families personalized navigation and assistance services, such as finding the nearest dressing room, equipment storage, or dining options. It can also enhance security measures, optimize crowd management, and offer personalized messages or promotions to enhance their experience. Additionally, it can provide valuable data and insights into crowd behavior and preferences, helping organizers to improve future events.

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