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Is an Infrared Technology Positioning System the Right System?

Infrared Technology Uses

How Infrared Positioning Technology Works

Infrared positioning technology, also known as infrared indoor positioning, utilizes infrared (IR) light to determine the position of objects or individuals within an indoor environment.

The system uses an infrared light emitter diode producing an infrared signal as bursts of non-visible light and a receiving photodiode to detect and capture light pulses, which are processed to retrieve the information. As tracked objects or individuals move within the environment, the infrared receivers constantly receive and process the infrared signals.

Infrared Positioning Technology Challenges

  • Unsuitable for IPS
  • Sunlight causes interference
  • Requires direct line of sight
  • Privacy concern for users

An infrared location system’s accuracy is affected by multiple factors including its direction as well as the way it can refract and scatter off objects causing direction irregularities. This poses significant challenges when being used for IPS purposes because a direct line of sight is required. The presence of sunlight also affects the system’s accuracy.

An infrared system can be an acceptable choice when used in applications requiring a short range line of sight, such as a communication signal from your remote control to your tv, but it’s not as useful for IPS purposes.

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Mapsted’s IPS Needs No External Hardware

  • Technical limitations of other indoor navigation technologies can't deliver what Mapsted's patented core technology does – a highly accurate and cost-effective stand-alone indoor positioning system. Infrared sensor technology doesn’t even come close.
  • Other indoor positioning systems require expensive external hardware and costly maintenance.
  • Instead of relying on external hardware for location-based needs, Mapsted technology pulls from a huge variety of data sources creating an accurately powerful indoor positioning system.

Why pay the price for an infrared imaging technology when Mapsted’s technology is way ahead of its time for indoor navigation and positioning?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Infrared technology refers to the use and application of infrared radiation – a form of electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light. Infrared radiation is located in the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and visible light.

Infrared technology has a wide range of uses across various industries and fields, some of which include thermal imaging and thermography, remote controls, security systems, communications, medical imaging, environmental monitoring, astronomy, manufacturing and quality control, automotive systems and agriculture.

There are several different types of infrared technology used in various applications. Some common types include near-infrared, mid-infrared, far-infrared, thermal infrared, infrared communication, infrared thermometers and infrared spectroscopy.

One example of infrared technology is a thermal imaging camera. They utilize infrared radiation to capture and visualize heat signatures emitted by objects and environments. These cameras can detect and measure temperature variations, allowing for non-contact temperature assessment and thermal analysis.

One alternative to an infrared positioning system is a radio frequency identification (RFID) positioning system. While infrared positioning relies on infrared signals for location detection, RFID positioning uses radio frequency signals and tags to track and locate objects or people. RFID positioning systems consist of RFID tags attached to objects or worn by individuals and RFID readers or antennas placed in the environment. RFID tags emit radio frequency signals detected by the readers. By analyzing the signal strength and triangulating readings from multiple readers, the position of the tagged object or person can be determined.

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