How Campus Wayfinding Can Help Universities and Colleges to Improve Campus Visits?

March 14, 2024

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With the admission season around the corner, colleges and universities know the need to offer prospective students a memorable campus visit. In the digital era, educational institutions have a great chance to utilize advanced campus wayfinding technology to improve student experiences. Mapsted provides a beacon-free wayfinding technology that helps visitors navigate the campus grounds easily. Thus leaving positive impressions about every open house or tour. Navigating campus complexities with Mapsted turns fears into excitement and expectations for the future academic journey.

Benefits of Wayfinding Tech During Admission Season 2024

1. Enhanced First Impressions

An accessible and well-orientated campus is important as it shapes the initial reaction of prospective students and their families. Mapsted’s wayfinding solutions guarantee that students can effortlessly find their way through the campus. This enjoyable first encounter may be one of the main factors prospective students consider because it shows that the institution cares about its students’ physical and intellectual comfort.

2. Increased Admissions

The ease of student navigation affects future students’ decision-making processes. The students’ positive visits to the campus, which can be assisted by efficient wayfinding, will cause a higher enrollment probability. When students can navigate without being concerned about getting lost, they are more likely to enjoy the facilities and amenities that the campus has, so they will be more likely to pick your school instead of others.

3. Personalized Campus Tours

Through Mapsted campus wayfinding technology, one can make tailored tour routes, which visitors would make based on what captures their interest the most. Furthermore, by strategically implementing geofencing technology, personalized notifications can be activated, providing students and parents with informative pop-ups and pertinent school details at key locations. The personalization of the tour ensures its relevance and engagement, which in turn increases the probability of a prospective student leaving with a positive attitude about  the university. Such personalized experiences reflect the institution’s commitment to match students’ interests and requirements.

4. Efficient Resource Management

Campus wayfinding technology serves as an invaluable tool by replacing the need for human guides and physical resources. This allows staff to redirect their focus towards enhancing other facets of the campus visit experience. Moreover, resource optimization not only saves money, but also enables staff to devote time to more meaningful student interactions.

5. Real-Time Updates and Information

Mapsted’s campus wayfinding solutions come equipped with a feature that sends instant notifications and updates to visitors’ mobile devices. This feature is vital as it delivers information regarding changes in schedules, locations or events. This helps to address confusion and improves the overall experience. Timely access to information fosters a sense of being valued and well-cared-for. These qualities that significantly influence a potential student’s evaluation of a campus.

6. Stress-Free Experience for Visitors

Students and their parents stand at a pivotal juncture as they embark on the journey of selecting a university. A campus wayfinding system reduces the anxiety during campus visits that families usually experience. This helps them to concentrate on the institution’s offering and surroundings. The student’s positive experience will positively impact their perception of the university, making them more willing to enroll.

7. Boosted Reputation

Implementing Mapsted’s campus wayfinding solutions not only enhances the visitor experience during campus visits but also solidifies the institution’s position as a leader in integrating cutting-edge technology. This perception lends itself towards a favourable opinion of the university among prospective students, their parents and even other institutions, as it underscores the transformative impact of technology on student life and the broader environment.

8. Data Collection and Insights

Campus wayfinding systems collect valuable data on popular preferences, frequently visited areas, and common routes. This data is very important in deciding the path of further campus visits, improving the facilities and learning about prospective students’ interests. From the data analyzed, the University can get insights that can help to inform strategic decisions. This way, the school can tune its marketing strategies and campus developments to better serve the existing and future students’ needs and preferences.

Mapsted’s Flexible Wayfinding Solutions for University Admissions

Higher education institutions eager to reduce the burden of the admission process will see Mapsted’s flexible and scalable technology as a valuable aid, especially during the peak application period. This is when campuses are rumbling with potential students and their parents. Hence, creating a user-friendly, simple and easy-to-use platform is crucial. Mapsted’s campus wayfinding solution is indeed a game changer improving the student experience in higher education. It offers all the tools that are required to help visitors get to their destination easily, reducing confusion and thus improving the overall visiting experience.

Mapsted’s competitive advantage comes from its ability to customize the solution to suit the unique requirements of educational institutions. The university can suggest that students and parents use Mapsted’s technology during the admission period to help them effortlessly locate various places of interest in and around the campus, attend scheduled meetings and even explore the facilities without fear of getting lost. One of the major advantages of Mapsted wayfinding during admissions is that the institutions can scale down their use to align with their operation’s needs and budget constraints after concluding the admission season.

This flexibility in the facility’s usage also highlights Mapsted’s determination to ensure affordability and user-oriented products. By implementing Mapsted’s university wayfinding solutions, universities are not only putting the admission experience on a higher level but they are also demonstrating their willingness to use innovation in the latest technologies to meet the community’s needs and thus impact prospective students and their families.

Explore Additional Mapsted Technologies Poised To Support Colleges and Universities

1. Location Marketing Technology 

A university campus, especially during the peak of admission season, has a busy atmosphere and successfully engaging potential students and their families becomes paramount. Through Location marketing technology, Mapsted provides comprehensive solutions to universities aimed at growing this engagement. Using contextual messaging, institutions can deliver personalized, location-based messages to visitors, which can include real-time information and help as students make their way around campus. Audience segmentation enables universities to make their communication strategies specific for the different groups of visitors. This is aimed at ensuring that the messages sent to various groups resonate with them, thus enhancing their campus experience.

Through location-based advertising, vacant spots can be used to inform potential students about campus highlights, future events or important admissions information, hence guiding their journey at the campus. Our marketing CRM software makes available information on all of the customer interactions so that we can learn about the audience preferences and behaviour and then act strategically in follow-up. Geofencing technology enables virtual boundaries to be set up and if visitors get in or out of the campus areas specified, instant messages or actions will be triggered, such as guided tours and event promotions. Geo-conquesting fights off competition by making the university’s unique features public when students visit the campuses of rival universities. Finally, proximity marketing combines the tactical use of geographical proximity to deliver relevant materials, which makes campus visits more interesting and informative during the critical admission phase.

2. Location Analytics Technology for Enhanced Campus Insights

Knowing visitors’ behaviour during the admission season is essential to making the campus experience as successful as possible. Through Mapsted’s location analytics technology, institutions can fully utilize the wealth of insights that can be drawn from this data. Traffic Flow Analysis is a powerful tool that helps the university understand which areas are the most visited by the students, thus allowing the university to allocate resources more efficiently and plan events. Through pattern visualization, visitors’ movements are summarized as trending patterns, this helps institutions detect and deal with wayfinding problems.

Real-time analytics allows data about visitors’ behaviour to be collected in real-time. Adjustments to services and guidelines can then be made promptly accordingly. Predictive Analytics takes a step further into the future by applying historical data to forecast future visitor trends and provide strategic planning for promoting the upcoming seasons. The visitors insights reveal the campus visitors’ needs and preferences, which are invaluable in improving the campus tours and information sessions. This technology & innovation in education cna help to attract more students.

Location analytics software gathers this data and presents it on an intuitive dashboard, empowering universities to make data-driven decisions with ease. University and college visitors can benefit from these analytics, which will ultimately help create a more attractive and inviting environment for prospective students and their families during the admission season.


Mapsted is different from its competitors by designing its dynamic and scalable wayfinding services to help institutions with the specific challenges of the admission season. This advancement enables universities to offer a convenient and effortless navigation course for visitors, allowing them to tour the campus without much trouble. Mapsted’s feature of either adding or subtracting services after the admission season is proof that Mapsted cares about providing a cost-effective, innovative solution that can adapt to the requirements of education institutions. If you loved this blog also read our blog on Using University Wayfinding to Create an Inclusive Campus Environment also and watch video on Indoor Navigation for University Campuses for better insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is digital signage and how does it boost the campus experience during admission sessions?

Ans. Digital signage and dynamic electronic displays, which provide timely information, directions and announcements, are communication and engagement tools on campus used during the admission season.

Q2. What are the advantages of the interactive digital kiosks for future students and their family members?

Ans. Interactive kiosks provide user-friendly, detailed maps and information that assist visitors in locating the campus, event locations and schedules. This, in turn, enhances the visitor’s experience.

Q3. Why is adaptive navigation technology essential for universities during admissions?

Ans. Adaptable wayfinding technology enables universities to provide visitors with timely and accurate navigation support during the peak time of admission days, thereby improving visitor experience and showcasing innovative campus solutions.

Q4. Can digital displays inform people about upcoming admission events in real time?

Ans. Yes, the real-time digital kiosks can provide visitors with updates in real-time, providing them with the latest information about admission events, schedules and any last-minute changes.

Q5. How do Mapsted’s technologies adjust to the demands of the post-admission period?

Ans. Mapsted’s technology is scalable and universities thus can customize the level of assistance provided by Wayfinder to fit the budget and university needs.

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